Harcourt Building

Client : Profile Properties

Location : Harcourt Street, Dublin 2

Size : 5445 sq m

The Harcourt Building

Multicentered, dense and textural, the new façade balances local symmetries with formal shifts that establish alignments, registrations, and material and tectonic relationship with the adjacent buildings. The design emphasis focuses on the play between solid and void and lightness and depth; this being a constant theme throughout the building.

The building‘s design incorporates a number of set backs and terraces on the upper floors which serve two functions. Firstly they help to reduce the mass of the building significantly and secondly they provide an area of exterior space for planting and landscaping.

The large granite towers at either corner of the Harcourt Street and Adelaide Road frontage act as book ends anchoring the building to the site; clearly defining the built edge. The North and East facades present intentionally modest and discreet facades to the adjoining buildings, with limited door and window opening, helping to form a sympathetic edge to the site.